Wondering what the difference is between independent adjusters and public adjusters? Learning the difference can help make filing your next claim a much less stressful experience. While these two types of adjusters may sound very similar, the roles that they play in the way they handle your claims is much different.

Independent Adjusters

Think private independent adjusters are indeed “independent”? Think again! Independent adjusters actually work on behalf of the insurance company to take care of claim settlements. Their job is to protect their employer, the insurance provider, and are looking after the best interest of the insurance company instead of the homeowner filing the claim. Insurance companies keep independent adjusters within their business to help them settle claims in a way that works best for them.

Public Adjusters

Unlike independent adjusters, public adjusters work on the behalf of the homeowner instead of the home insurance provider. Public adjusters understand the rules and regulations and are able to get homeowners claims settled quickly and painlessly. Sometimes public adjusters are even able to get claims approved that were previously declined by the home insurance company. Most public adjusters charge a fee that is a percentage of the claim and can make up the difference with the value of their services.

The biggest difference between independent adjusters and public adjusters is usually the payout that clients receive. Most homeowners are offered less of a payout for their claims directly through independent adjusters with homeowner insurance policies. Public adjusters are typically able to offer a much higher payout, and homeowners usually even leave with a little extra money in their pocket. If you would like to learn more about how Expert Public Adjusters is different, contact us today.