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    Cast Iron Pipe Insurance Claims & Repair

    Do You Have A Case?

    Your home’s plumbing isn’t something you likely think about until a problem occurs. Yet for many property owners, especially those in Florida, a cast iron pipe could mean significant risk. This type of piping was used in homes in the region before 1975.

    If your home was built at this time or prior, and you have cast iron plumbing problems, you may have an insurance claim on your hands. Even if your insurer denied your claims, you might still be owed coverage.


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    Common Damage Cast Iron Piping Causes

    Your water damage may be due to the failing cast iron pipes in your home. If you have any type of water damage, consider the following as you call for plumbing help.

    Cast iron pipes — which were long used for their strength — can corrode, creating a dangerous situation for your home’s structural integrity. Problems caused by cast iron pipe failure include:

    • Water staining on your walls, baseboards and drywall
    • Water damage in your carpeting
    • Water stained floor tiles
    • Warped or separated wood and laminate floors
    • Tinted and raised floor tiles
    • Broken or loose floor tiles

    In both cases, the surface could seem moist, but this is not always the case. Over time, the moisture will dry, creating staining. The wood subfloor may become warped or no longer even. If you see these concerns, in many situations, you have cast iron plumbing problems.

    Cast Iron Pipe Repair

    Getting cast iron pipe repair can be costly, but if your plumber indicates any level of corrosion is present on these pipes, it is important to remove them. Corrosion will slow the pipe’s capacity initially. Over time, the pipes will collapse onto one another, creating a very risky flooding scenario. If you have cast iron water pipes, the primary cause of any degradation of those pipes relates specifically to corrosion in most cases.

    Before You File A Claim with Your Insurance Company

    Once you seek cast iron pipe repair, contact Expert Public Adjusters. We will help walk you through all the steps of filing a claim with your insurance company for the losses. However, some may not be initially willing to handle the cast iron plumbing problem. If you have already been told your cast iron pipe claim is not valid, we encourage you to contact Expert Public Adjusters immediately.

    Insurance Company Denied Your Claim?

    In many Florida homes facing corrosion issues like this, your insurance company is responsible for the cast iron pipe repair costs and could include any water damage caused by the pipes. We may be able to help you. Our adjuster will work with you and determine whether your home insurer is doing the right thing by denying your claim.

    In many instances, though, we advise you that the insurer is wrong. If this is the case in your situation, Expert Public Adjusters will advocate for you, not your insurance company, to help you get the compensation owed to you.

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    If you have a cast iron pipe causing damage to your home, contact Expert Public Adjusters. Allow our team to determine what is really happening at your home and whether you need to update or refile your cast iron pipe claim. We encourage you to seek help now by calling us for immediate support.

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