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    In 2015, The Harford Financial Services Group, Inc. compiled and analyzed claims from over one million corporate property and liability policies over the past five years to establish which claims facing businesses were the most expensive and which ones were most common.

    Among the property damage category, water and freezing damage accounted for 15% of business claims, with an average cost of $17,000 for each loss, and wind and hail damage also accounted for 15% of business claims, with the average cost for these losses being approximately $26,000. Fires, meanwhile comprised 10% of the total number of claims, proved to be costlier, with an average value of $35,000. If you are a business owner facing any kind of loss—water, fire, or storm damage—do not go through it alone.

    If you have found yourself in this situation, let us work for you to maximize your claim and get your company back on its feet! Expert Public Adjuster’s FAPIA-certified adjusters can help you navigate the filing of your business claim through all the steps of:

    • Contacting your insurance company,
    • Documentation your damage,
    • Taking inventory of any damaged goods,
    • And, negotiating your settlement


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    Denied Claims? We Can Help.

    Has the claim you filed been denied by your insurance company? This is not a dead end. We can help you get reimbursed for your home or business property loss, even if it has been denied! At Expert Public Adjusters, we can provide you with assistance by:

    • Interpreting the exact language of your policy,
    • Documenting your property and contents damage properly,
    • And, ultimately, negotiating the claim, either by convincing the insurance company to reverse their denial or through legal channels.

    Chapters of the Florida Statutes regarding the insurance industry provide home and business owners with methods of addressing their denied claims, and our associated legal experts know the precise letter of the law which supersedes insurance policy language.

    With our expert documentation and loss assessment, these members of some of the most prestigious property insurance law firms in Orlando, Tampa, and Miami and will work for you to get your denied claim paid at no direct cost to you!

    Reopened (Underpaid or Denied) Claims

    If you have already filed an insurance claim, and it was either paid out for a negligible sum by your insurance company or denied outright, we can still help you maximize it. Our adjusters’ knowledge of Florida insurance policy language and claims procedures can turn any apparent dead end into a strong claim on your behalf. You can enlist our expert property loss assessment and documentation skills on any denied or underpaid claim which we can re-open on your behalf. If your settlement check was too small, and you decide to pursue a larger settlement, use our expert services to maximize your claim through further negotiations or the formal loss appraisal process.

    We can also re-open any claim that you have filed which your insurance company denied. Our adjusters can first examine your policy and any documentation you received to determine the reason for the denial. Then, they can provide you with timely loss assessment and documentation assistance to ensure your once-denied claim is re-opened and settled with your best interest in mind.

    Right to Repair Claims

    After you filed your insurance claim, you received notice from your insurance company that they are invoking their option to repair clause embedded in your policy. What does this mean? Effectively, it is the insurance company’s way of removing your right as a homeowner or business owner to dispute the insurance company’s opinion of the scope and value of your loss! The insurance company has hired its own team of experts and contractors to make repairs as quickly and as cheaply as possible while still meeting their obligations to policyholders. We view this as little more than strong-arming of policyholders resulting in a wealth of problems including:

    • Partial or substandard repairs that results in a non-matching appearance or faulty repair integrity.
    • The loss of control over the style, speed, scheduling, and quality of repairs by the home or business owner.
    • Unlawful or improper repairs by non-permitted contractors.
    • Wasted time by the homeowner forced to monitor the company’s repairs on a schedule not of their choosing.

    At Expert Public Adjusters, we can assist you in avoiding this undesirable outcome by documenting the proper scope and value of your repairs and then by steering your claim through the litigation process that defends your rights as a property owner.

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    Public Adjuster Business Services

    • Major Storm Damage to Business
    • Minor Storm Damage to Business
    • Business Damage Restoration
    • Damage to Business Roofing
    • Damage to Business Windows
    • Business Flood Damage Restoration

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