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    Wind Damage Claims

    Roof Damage Solutions In Greater Orlando

    According to Insurance Journal, 25% of all US homeowner claims are from wind damage to a roof or otherwise. Wind can cause a lot of damage to homes in Orlando and throughout the entire state of Florida. Whether it’s a windy day, a hurricane, or a tornado, it’s important to prepare for what happens next. Wind can easily cause both minor and major damage to shingles and the roof of your home.


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    Expert Public Adjusters has over 15 years of experience adjusting wind damage claims and ensuring you’re paid quickly. A lot of people make the mistake of signing with a roofer after a wind or hail damage claim instead of filing a homeowner’s insurance claim for roof damage. When they do this, they are signing an AOB (Assignment of Benefits) and unfortunately sign away any and all insurance benefits over to the contractor. They usually have to pay the deductible out of pocket. That’s why you should contact us first. We max out the wind damage insurance claim, so you can shop around and hire who you choose. Often times you’ll have extra money left, too!

    Wind & Damage Covered

    • Wind Damage Roof Repair and More
    • Major Roof Damage from Wind
    • Minor Roof Damage from Wind
    • Roof Damage Restoration
    • Shingle Damage Repair
    • Wind Damage to Porch
    • Structural Wind Damage Repair

    How We Handle Your Claim

    After wind damage to your home, and the process of repairing your home, an expert insurance adjuster for roof wind damage will be with you every step of the way.

    • We will meticulously document all of your losses to include any and all benefits afforded to you under the policy.
    • We will assemble a detailed estimate with individual line item breakdown with a list of all tasks using the latest price list in Xactimate software, the same software most carriers use as well.
    • We will handle the claim for you from state to finish.
    • We set all appointments with the adjusters, meet with the adjusters and point out all of the damage to them so they don’t miss anything. This will get the carriers “undisputed” estimate up higher which also raises the reserves on the claim, this detail will greatly help us get a larger final settlement.
    • We are with you during any recorded statement.
    • And, we complete all of the complex and confusing forms for you within the allowed time period.

    If there are damaged contents, additional living expenses such as eating out receipts because your kitchen is down, or if you need a new place to stay because your home is uninhabitable, we get all of the paperwork submitted so you properly get reimbursed for these expenses.

    Steps We Take For You

    wind damage roof repair
    • Step 1: After you’ve obtained a full copy of your Homeowner’s insurance policy, we will help you decipher your policy, so that we can best understand your policy and the coverages that apply to your loss.
    • Step 2: We will file the claim on your behalf and set an appointment with your adjuster.
    • Step 3: We will prepare a written assessment, an adjusters report, documenting the scope of repairs, materials and costs needed to put you back into pre-loss condition.
    • Step 4: We will complete any and all paperwork such as the Proof Of Loss form or respond to any and all insurance correspondence such as a Reservation of Rights. Step 5: We will be with you every step of the way until the claims conclusion, we have good relationships with the carrier’s adjusters and we will work to come to an agreement whether it be amicable or moving the claims to mediation or appraisal, two forms of loss dispute resolution.

    We Are Your Natural Disaster Team.
    We Fight For You!

    Florida is known for hurricanes, and the destruction that they cause to homeowners can cause a lot of stress. Central Florida is also known for intense tornadoes, floods, hail, and other serious dangers that impact homes. When you reach out to Expert Public Adjusters, you’re reaching out to an experienced team who can help you and your family get your peace of mind back.

    Expert Public Adjusters has over 15 years of experience in handling natural disaster damage claims in Florida and the Orlando area. We quickly assess the claim and work to ensure you receive your claim settlement quickly. During the stressful time of dealing with natural disaster claims, our team will help provide the assurance you deserve when we handle your claim.

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