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    How Do Public Adjusters Get Paid?

    Why Choose a Public Adjuster?

    Public Adjusters work on your behalf, not the insurance provider. We understand the complex laws associated with home insurance policies and work to quickly and professionally resolve your home insurance claim. In some cases, public adjusters are even able to help homeowners who were previously denied their claim from the home insurance company.

    But how do public adjusters get paid exactly? Public adjusters are paid based on a percentage which is often times made up when the job is completed in the right way and with cost-effective solutions. Often times you’ll even find extra money in your pocket. Before you hire any public adjuster, you’ll want to make sure they are state certified and experienced handling the claim, and not just a salesperson.

    Expert Public Adjusters handle your claim from start to finish. Unlike most public adjusters, we are available for you to contact and answer claim questions quickly. We’re not just salespeople, we’re responsible for keeping you and your family safe with a home that is comfortable to live in. We are state certified and experienced with a diverse amount of claims within the state of Florida.

    why choose a public adjuster

    What makes us different?

    • We handle your claim directly
    • We answer questions and resolve claims quickly
    • We have been licensed and handling claims over 15 years
    • We speak directly with the insurance company
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