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    When your home or business is hit with damages caused by a natural disaster or other catastrophe, you’re going to have a lot of questions. You’ll be asking yourself if life will ever get back to normal again. You’ll want to know whether your insurance coverage will be sufficient to fix everything. What you shouldn’t have to worry about, however, is whether anyone will be on your side as you go through the claims process. When you work with Expert Public Adjusters, you’ll never have to question that. We’re some of the best public adjusters in Winter Garden, Florida, because we never lose sight of our mission. It’s our job to make sure you receive the highest possible payout from your insurer — and we’ll fight for you every step of the way.

    We’re the leading public adjusters serving the Winter Garden area because we’re devoted to helping our clients get what they need to put their lives and businesses back on track. Unlike the adjusters who work for your insurance provider, we’re only concerned with helping you. Working with us means your claim will be processed quickly and deliver the maximum settlement.

    What We Do for You

    When trouble strikes, call us before you contact your insurance company. Our experienced professionals will concentrate on reaching a settlement that works best for you, not your insurer’s bottom line. Because we focus only on what’s best for you, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ll be able to make the necessary repairs as soon as possible and with minimal hassle. Our customers receive settlements that average 300 percent more than they would have received by working directly with their insurers. This makes us the right choice for area public adjusters to work with on:

    • Residential insurance claims — Your home is your sanctuary, which means any damage it sustains can be especially traumatic. Our services can ensure that a contentious claims process or disappointing payout doesn’t add to your troubles.
    • Business insurance claims — Doing right by your customers isn’t possible when you’re preoccupied with your insurance claim. We can take the worry off your shoulders and let you get back to work for the people who count on the services you provide.
    • Natural disaster claims –Mother Nature can be a real challenge for Florida residents. Whether your property is damaged by floods, heavy winds or sinkholes, we will do whatever it takes to put things right again. We will be the force of nature you need to get results.

    Count on Our Services

    With offices in nearby Oviedo, we work tirelessly for Winter Garden homeowners and business owners. Whatever your reason for filing a claim, you can count on us to stand beside you through the entire process. Before you contact your insurance company, call Expert Public Adjusters. We’ll have your back and do everything we can to get you the settlement you deserve. To learn more about our offerings, get in touch with us today.

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