If your home was built before 1975, there’s a good chance your plumbing consists of cast iron pipes. Before PVC piping became commonplace, the majority of buildings were constructed using these materials. Unfortunately, if this is true for your house, you could be in serious trouble. That’s because cast iron pipes have a tendency to be far less reliable than their plastic counterparts. Especially as they get older, they can become weaker and prone to bursting. That can lead to significant issues for homeowners because water damage claims are among the types most frequently denied by insurance companies. With that in mind, it’s crucial to know the warning signs of any cast iron pipe problems your property may have.

What Causes Cast Iron Pipes to Fail?

The worst enemy of cast iron is corrosion. Over time, it can eat away at piping, causing it to crumble or burst under pressure. Any number of conditions can lead to your water mains and other conduits being exposed to rust, including:

  • Flushing household chemicals containing caustic substances
  • Using pesticides or other compounds on soil
  • Clay soils and other natural conditions that create dampness
  • Damage caused by nearby construction activity

What Are the Signs of Damaged Pipes?

Damaged mains can be a significant headache for a homeowner because the effects may not be felt until the damage to the home is catastrophic. That said, there are some situations you should look for to tell if your property is at risk. If you notice any of the following conditions, seek professional help right away:

  • Warped flooring: If your wooden floors appear to be buckling or sinking, it could be an indication that a pipe is leaking underneath it.
  • Stained carpets and ceiling tiles: The evidence of water damage is obvious in many cases. Any staining that appears to be caused by leaks inside your walls or floor should be dealt with as soon as possible.
  • Loose tiles: Bathroom or kitchen flooring that starts to become loosened or uneven should be taken as a serious warning that your pipes are failing.
  • Pests: Infestations of roaches, silverfish and other vermin could occur because there’s an available source of moisture for them. This is very likely to be caused by holes in your plumbing.

What Should You Do Next?

If you notice any of these red flags around your house, contact a licensed professional to inspect it. Then, if you determine you want to file an insurance claim, get in touch with Expert Public Adjusters. We will walk you through all of the necessary steps for filing and help make sure your provider does what’s right, given the circumstances.