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    Cat3 Water Insurance Claims In Orlando

    Although water damage is never a good situation for a property owner, some types are worse than others. For example, highly contaminated water that comes from backed-up sewer lines or other sources is called Category 3, or Cat3. This is the most dangerous kind because it contains substances that can be highly toxic, such as raw sewage, heavy metals and pesticides. Dealing with this contamination is a big job, which is why a Cat3 water damage insurance claim must be handled properly.

    When filing a Category 3 water damage claim, policyholders need to feel confident that someone is on their side to get the most out of their coverage. Otherwise, they may be left without the resources to restore structures to their original condition. This is why you should always call Expert Public Adjusters before contacting an insurance provider. We work hard to take care of you.


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    How We Help

    Unlike the adjusters who work for insurance companies, our primary focus is what’s best for you. We worry about helping you through the Cat3 water damage insurance claim process rather than boosting an insurance provider’s bottom line. Here is what we do:

    • Document all damages and losses to ensure nothing is overlooked.
    • Compile a detailed estimate complete with a line-item breakdown of all necessary tasks, using the latest data from the Xactimate software platform.
    • Set all appointments with adjusters from the insurance company, meet with them and make sure they do not miss anything.
    • Study the ins and outs of your policy. We will assist you in completing any complicated or confusing paperwork.

    Our expertise makes certain that Category 3 water claims are handled in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

    The Steps We Take for Your Claim

    1. After reviewing a full copy of the policy, we sit down with you to help make sense of the type of coverage you have.
    2. We file the claim on your behalf and schedule an appointment with your carrier’s adjuster.
    3. We prepare a written assessment that documents the entire scope of the repairs and cleanup needed to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.
    4. We leverage the good relationships we have with insurance providers to come to an agreement that is in your best interest. Whether the process is amicable or requires mediation or appraisal, we see it through from start to finish.

    Our Natural Disaster Experience

    When you need to file a Cat3 water damage insurance claim or require help after another type of natural disaster, we are here. We have extensive experience handling claims due to fires, floods, storms and other catastrophes. The last thing you need when times get tough is more stress. That’s why we are equipped to navigate the claim process, with the assurance that you will receive fair treatment every step of the way.

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